CTWWA Publications

  • The first volume of the CTWWA’s Water Supply Journal was published in November 1968. The Water Supply Journal offers articles on specific research topics, more general articles on water supply development, and literature reviews. Well-regarded internationally,all of the exchange of experience and the records about keeping abreast of the latest developments in the water supply were filed.
  • In addition to its journal, the CTWWA has provided funding for 57 research projects from 1986 to 2003. The total budget is about 50 million NT dollars. Projects fall into one of six categories: water treatment, design and constriction, operation and maintenance, education water management, and general research (see figure below). Project reports help disseminate the findings of the research and the CTWWA has been systematically increasing its support of projects.
  • Each year, between 10 and 30 research papers are presented at the CTWWA’s annual conference and published in the conference’s proceeding. Topics cover the quality of water sources, and drinking water, water treatment, management, design and construction, maintenance, education and training, and others. Among these topics, water treatment, operation and training, and management of water quality of water source and drinking water are the major topics, making up 73% of the total published conference papers (see Figure upside).