Administrator & Supervisor's List

Zhibie Name
President Hu, Nan-Tzer
Executive Director Lan,Ping-Chang
Executive Director Lin Yueh
Executive Director Wang,Gwo -Jian
Executive Director Lin, Lien-Mao
Executive Director Wu, Yang-Long
Executive Director Chen, Jiin-Shuang
Executive Director Lo, Shiang-Lien
Executive Director Chen,Ray-John
Director Lee,Jia-Rung
Director Lai,Yung-Shen
Director Ou,Chio-Sheng
Director Wu,Jenn-Rong
Director Tsai ,Mao-Lin
Director Shiaw,Shu-Jen
Director Wang, Ming-Shiao
Director Lu, Chung-Der
Director Mu, Yueh- June
Director Wu,Su-Chu
Director Chen, Lao-Min
Director Fan,Huan-Ying
Director Kang,Shyh-Fang
Director Huang, Chih-Pin
Director Chen,Ming-Chou
Director Yeh, Hsuan-Hsien
Director Wang,Wen-Long
Director Chang,Shun-Li
Director Lee,Cheng-Chung
Director Hsu, Pei-Chung
Director Wu, Chiah-Huang
Director Kuo, Ming-Ching
Convener of Board of Supervisors Chen, Man-Li
Executive Supervisor Ciou, Dun-Lin
Executive Supervisor Wang, Gen-Shuh
Supervisor Chen Fu-Tien
Supervisor Lin, Gin Tau
Supervisor Wang, Shih-Yun
Supervisor Weng, Wen-Kuei
Supervisor Yang Fong-Rong
Supervisor Heu, Cheng-E