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Will sign a meeting with the association agreement of Singapore environmental engineering memo originally The chairman of the board's representative will sign agreement memo with Singapore environmental engineering association originally on June 25,2007, this agreement memo is according to both parties to develop in the international cooperation project of mutually benefit up, the approval is in the light of following line of action to pursue a common benefit and sign this engagement.
1) . Hold concerning water and environment science and technology meeting in the related region to reach mission and target.
(2) . The establishment combines common body in the district of water science and technology and environmental engineering knowledge by development.
(3) . Hold the training, counsel of the local area operation service and research a development seminar to promote the exchanges of[with] science and technology knowledge.
(4) . Strengthen science and technology thesis publication of translating the origin.
(5) . The management project promoting reform cost efficiency process to have something to do with environmental protection.
(6) . Encourage organization, scholar and student to concentrate on a district cooperation a research a development.
Both parties sign this engagement for promoting each other comity and cooperating, this engagement will because of any a square put forward terminating and lose its effect.